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Dr. Gallien is proud to offer Chattanooga a system of placing dental implants based new, advanced technology that incorporates CT-imaging. This state-of-the art dental implant system uses an interactive 3D planning system for predictable treatment planning of tooth implant Chattanooga.

With the accuracy and low radiation of today’s CAT-scan combined with advanced 3D software, it allows Dr. Gallien to find the ideal position for dental implants. Using this “digital placement” of the implant, a laboratory can make a template or guide that fits the patient’s mouth and shows exactly where the implant was placed digitally.

This state of the art technology makes dental implants more accurate and much easier to place. In most cases, no longer does a surgeon have to mechanically lift a patient’s gums to find the bone and then place an implant. Different tools available in the software allow us to either map nerves and sinus areas or to even align implants so they are parallel to each other for bridges or partial dentures.

Benefits of Dr. Gallien’s Implants

  • Quick process- All planning done prior to surgery day- no guesswork and surprises in the end. Appliance fabrication completed in the U.S. resulting in quick turnaround time
  • Safety- Less risk for patient and doctor as all vital structures are visible in the design and planning stages, may measure bone density, distance between structures, etc. Surgical guide consists of drilling tubes to ensure exact placement of implant insertions.
  • High Precision- Extremely accurate and precise implant placement
  • Better aesthetics and increased longevity- More aesthetically pleasing/natural looking teeth and greater functionality resulting in longer lasting implants, due to precise placement
  • Because it is so accurate, only a small hole is placed in the gums and bone right where the implant is placed which means less post-operative discomfort for patients and longer lasting implants.

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